How to Save More Money (as reported by Anna Bahney on

The amount of money you are able to save depends on two key factors: How much you make How much you spend The world around you is filled with companies and advertisers competing for your attention, and your hard-earned money. They are constantly working to get you to spend more. For that reason, you need… Read More

How Will Tax Reform Impact You? (as reported by Dan Caplinger on

Not everyone has the time to pay attention to the policies being debated in Congress. But one debate going on right now has the potential to impact us all, and deserves the attention of anyone concerned about their future financial situation. Both the Senate and the House of Representatives have put forth their initial tax… Read More

Student Loan Debt (as reported by Rod Griffin on

Americans are in debt. There is no avoiding that in the news these days. We spend money we don’t have on everything from groceries and medical expenses, to our cars, homes, and education. That last one has been a particular point of emphasis in the last few years, as politicians and policy experts across the… Read More