NJ middle schools now required to offer financial literacy courses

W!se is thrilled to share the news that all New Jersey middle schools are now required to offer financial literacy courses. The new law will go into effect in September to start the new school year on a strong note! https://apnews.com/0643abb8f79c45a392ec40343a4665e0 Read More

Lower Your Cable Bill (as reported by Chris Brantner on money.usnews.com)

It’s natural and healthy to always be on the lookout for ways to save money in your life. Lowering expenses is the only way to increase your savings if earning more isn’t possible. One common expenditure that people are eager to cut back on is cable. That monthly bill that seems to increase every year… Read More

6 Important Reasons Why You Must Focus on Gaining Financial Literacy (Guest Post by Rick Pendykoski of Self Directed Retirement Plans)

Financial literacy is the knowledge of understanding how money works. It also helps you understand different aspects of finances like investment, management and expenditure. Apart from enabling you to make financially responsible decisions, it also helps you increase wealth. Putting money in the right places like the stock market and Roth 401k can help you… Read More

Predatory Loans (as reported by Kim Porter on loans.usnews.com)

You may have heard the term “predatory loan” before. But do you know what it means? A predatory loan is any loan where the terms are more beneficial to the lender than the borrower. For example, they may have very high interest rates or unreasonable expectations regarding the payback schedule. And even though there are… Read More

Financial Literacy Around the World (reported by howmuch.net)

Visualizing Financial Literacy Rates Around the World What is financial literacy? The S&P’s Global Financial Literacy Survey defines it as the ability to understand essential financial concepts in making informed decisions about saving, investing and borrowing. The survey asked respondents a series of financial literacy questions. Here’s one example. Suppose you have some money. Is it safer to… Read More

Why Don’t We Save? (as reported by Allison Schrager on qz.com)

There is a debate raging among economists these days. What are the underlying reasons why Americans are not saving nearly enough to fund their own retirements? Some argue that we are not good at planning for the future. Others argue that we are bad at predicting the likelihood of expensive events – like medical emergencies… Read More