An Alternative Asset Allocation: Could Sports Cards Be A Good Investment? (As Reported By Bryan Bottarelli on

We’re sure you’re tired of hearing about COVID-19 and the financial uncertainty that has resulted from this pandemic. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to take a look at our various investment portfolios. Could we be diversifying our options even further? One possible asset allocation may surprise you – sports cards. Alright, we… Read More

Why Don’t We Save? (as reported by Allison Schrager on

There is a debate raging among economists these days. What are the underlying reasons why Americans are not saving nearly enough to fund their own retirements? Some argue that we are not good at planning for the future. Others argue that we are bad at predicting the likelihood of expensive events – like medical emergencies… Read More

Are You Financially Healthy? (as reported by J. D. Roth on

A new report out from the Center for Financial Services Innovation confirms what many of us already know. Americans don’t save nearly enough money. The report divides people into one of three categories: Financially Healthy, Financially Coping, and Financially Vulnerable. On the optimistic side of things, most people do not fall into the financially vulnerable… Read More