Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the W!se Financially Literacy app to enhance our Financial Literacy Certification program!

This newly developed resource is a cloud-based mobile app with an updated database of practice test questions that enables students from schools participating in the Certification program to take practice tests and quizzes online. The app will help students prepare for W!se’s national Financial Literacy Certification Test. Students who pass the Test become Certified Financially Literate ™, a credential recognized by schools in 49 states.

The W!se app will allow students to take practice tests and quizzes any time any place. The app was initially designed during a Deutsche Bank organized three-day Hackathon in which 120 of their employees in four U.S. cities, along with 20 Microsoft volunteers, W!se, and high school students developed 15 different prototypes. Following the Hackathon, a Deutsche Bank team, together with W!se and input from high schools in the New York City area, built on the best prototype features and developed the app. The app was created for iOS and Android mobile phones.

Offering this app strengthens our Certification program that has helped more than one million students graduate financially literate. The new resource is integrated into W!se’s existing online testing system. Schools have a choice of using the mobile app and/or the web-based database. They will also be able to track students’ practice test and quiz scores through a comprehensive reporting capability developed in collaboration with teachers and administrators from our national network of schools.

I am truly grateful to my team at W!se and everyone involved to make this app a reality. It supports personal financial instruction and is a significant investment in developing the financial literacy of young people.

Warm regards,

Phyllis R. Perillo | President & CEO
Working in Support of Education (W!se)

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