If you’re a current college student, or a recent graduate, you’re likely all too familiar with the associated costs. It’s no secret that attending an institution of higher learning, or even just trying to further one’s education, presents certain financial barriers.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic upon us, the effects of these costs are further exacerbated. This leaves many students with the question of “what can we do to alleviate the stress”? The good news for individuals in these situations? You have options.

Student Loan Consolidation: For those will federal or private loans, you may notice different pay groups, each containing separate interest rates. If one is looking to simplify, or even reduce the amount of interest they’re paying each month, this could be an option.

Student Loan Forgiveness: It may be worth looking into these programs if you’re working for an eligible employer. Individuals working in the public or non-profit sectors could qualify for forgiveness on the remaining balance of their debt. There are a few key requirements to pay mind to, however.

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