Financial Literacy AssessmentW!se is a nationally recognized assessment and credentialing organization. Our rigorous Certification Tests examine participants’ knowledge of the relevant content, and test-takers who pass earn our widely regarded credential demonstrating they have mastered the subject matter.

Financial Literacy Certifications

Our programs offer certifications to a wide range of participants:

  • High School students, from schools that participate in the Financial Literacy Certification program, become Certified Financially Literate™ after taking a course or unit on personal finance and passing the W!se Financial Literacy Certification Test.
  • Survivors of domestic violence earn our Certified Financially Literate™ credential after they complete a course on personal finance through our MoneyW!SE program.
  • Instructors and educators, who are interested in earning a certification to teach personal finance, can take our unique Certification in Personal Finance Test.

For more information on our financial literacy certifications, please contact us.